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Airbrush Airhead is a collection of Airbrush textile art work by Airbrush Artist Don Johnson located in Ocala ,Fl. I do commissioned work textile and leather including T-Shirts , Jackets , leather vests and jacket's . I take great pride in my work and the fact that I get, 99.9 % of all my commissioned work done on time and within budget . Should you have any custom airbrush project you would like to have done be call me at 352-622-1796 or e-mail me at
If you are looking for a local T Shirt artist to complete a airbrushed T Shirt, jacket or baseball helmet please e-mail me with your location and I will find you an T-Shirt artist in your area that can help you out.

To see some of my other art work please visit AIRBRUSH GALLERY.

Below are some of the covers to Airbrush Technique Magazine (click on cover to see a larger view). To subscribe, buy back issues or just find out more about the magazine, please visit the web site by clicking on this link Airbrush Technique Magazine . If you have any interest in writing an article for one of our airbrush magazines please E-mail me for

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